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Sir, – I thank Stephen Wall (Letters, October 7) for endorsing my remarks (Letters, October 6) on the impacts on safety and society of decades of delay on the M20 between our second and third largest cities.

I am disappointed that he misunderstood my point about the most recent delays as being ideological and his suggestion that this applied to climate issues in general. I fully accept the urgency of climate control and decarbonization measures. I would go further and faster than our current government planning. I accept that electric vehicles are not a panacea, but they, along with perhaps hydrogen vehicles, are important parts of the larger solution and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. They and the public transport buses need good roads to operate.

Ireland has the geographic capacity to be virtually self-sufficient in green electricity through a mix of solar, wind, tidal, biomass and other emerging technologies. I remember the clairvoyance of Turlough Hill which I visited on a school tour in the 1970s and even the vision of the primitive state and its funding of Ardnacrusha which was costing 20% ​​of the GDP to the era and made us one of the greenest countries in Europe for a while.

What we need now is a similar vision and commitment to strategic and sustainable energy and infrastructure projects, not tinkering around. Mr Wall’s latest comment that investing in road infrastructure that avoids connecting two big cities by winding through towns and villages is “completely incompatible” with this view is “ideological” and false. We need it with the other components. I thank him for using a UN report to illustrate his point. I don’t need him to remind me that there are thousands of other peer-reviewed studies on the urgency of addressing the issue that the space here prevents from mentioning. The case for decarbonization is compelling and I would join him in pointing out all the problems, not just some. – yours, etc.,



Co Cork.

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