SEA Electric Reaches Agreement to Convert 10,000 School Buses to Electric Buses and Add V2G

Melbourne-based SEA Electric has entered into an agreement with US school bus dealer Midwest Transit Equipment to convert 10,000 buses to electric transmissions as well as to add vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging capacity.

The deal, considered the largest of its kind in the world, will see electric truck maker SEA Electric convert a range of small and large-capacity school buses over the next five years.

The deal includes the conversion of shorter ‘Type A’ buses where the driver sits in a separate cabin and ‘Type C’ buses, which, like the Type A, also feature a front ‘nose’ to accommodate the driver. engine, but in which the driver is seated in the main part. bus area. (“Type D” buses, which have a flat front and house the engine behind the rear wheels, are more common in Australia.)

Using its patented SEA Electric drive systems, the Australian company will also add V2G charging to allow batteries on the bus to be used to help stabilize the shutdown power grid during school hours.

SEA Electric says converting buses is a far more affordable option than buying a new bus. According to a company statement, it can deliver two or three converted electric buses for the same price as a new electric bus.

Tony Fairweather, founder and CEO of SEA Electric, says the deal is “the company’s largest in this segment to date.”

“This not only illustrates the appetite for the transition to 100% electric transportation, but it defines when the utility vehicle industry has grown on a sustainable scale, without the need for incentives,” he says.

With children particularly at risk for respiratory illness from exposure to diesel fumes from school buses, the conversion of 10,000 school buses is particularly important.

The deal will also help Midwest Transit Equipment move to clean transportation at minimal cost, as well as create jobs, said Mike Menyhart, SEA Electric’s chief strategy officer in the United States.

“The secondary use of school buses equipped with fully electric powertrains makes a lot of sense; it cuts costs, unlocks massive uptime, creates green jobs right here in the United States while making a difference to the environment and the health of the communities we serve, ”he said.

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