Reopen Amman and Gwendraeth Railways to put Wales’ climate change ambitions on track, says Plaid MS


Calls are being made for the reopening of the Amman Valley and Gwendraeth railway lines to be included as part of the Welsh government’s ambitious plans to tackle carbon emissions.

Cefin Campbell MS called on the Welsh government to further consider reopening rail links between Aberystwyth and Carmarthen as well as the Amman and Gwendraeth valleys.

Last week, Lee Waters MS, Deputy Minister for Climate Change, outlined the Welsh government’s strategy to meet its target of making 45% of trips by public transport or active travel by 2040.

Current Welsh Government proposals for South West Wales include a Swansea Bay Underground, preliminary work on a hydrogen bus pilot in Pembrokeshire and a new railway station in St Clears delivered by Transport for Wales by 2024. It has also been confirmed that works have recently been commissioned. develop a new program for central Wales.

Speaking after the announcement, Cefin Campbell MS, said: “While I welcome the Welsh Government’s announcements to encourage greater use of public transport, including a new station in St Clears, more needs to be done. focus on reopening West Wales Railways to put Welsh climate ambitions on track.

‘Wales’ currently disjointed rail infrastructure remains inadequate for its purpose, and in large swathes of West Wales residents have no choice but to depend on polluting private transport.

“With almost a fifth of Wales’ carbon emissions from transport, it is essential that an integrated and accessible transport map is placed at the heart of the Welsh Government’s ambitions. I have no doubt that reopening the Aberystwyth-Carmarthen line would radically change the Welsh public transport map, ensuring green transport and unprecedented benefits for the West Wales economy. ”

Mr Campbell added: “It is vital that such developments include rail and light rail services to our valley communities and cannot be centered only on Swansea and other major cities. and the valleys of Gwendraeth.

A previous feasibility study published by the Welsh government in 2018 confirmed that reopening the Carmarthen to Aberystwyth part of the road was technically feasible.

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