Prosper Marketplace launches credit card

The Thriving Market, a digital lending platform, has launched their Prosper Card to assist customers manage their finances regardless of where they’re in the credit scale.

This credit card comes with low rates, there is no annual cost for the first year , automated payments, ATMs that are free cash advances that do not require a security deposit, as well as other advantages as stated on your statement. Contact us to find out more

In addition: User experience is the most important factor in the decision-making process for credit cards

“Consumers seeking to establish credit often have a tough to find an affordable entry point and are often forced to resort to costly options. Through the Prosper Card, people have access to credit they need at the moment they require it, as well additionally, tools and resources that will help them stay on a the right financial path, “said David Kimball, the chief executive officer Prosper Marketplace. Prosper Marketplace.

“Since the beginning of 2006, our platform has delivered 20 billion dollars worth of affordable loans to more than one million customers through personal loans as well as mortgage lines of credit. We’re hoping to reach an even larger number of customers with our credit card service, “added Kimball. .

Prosper Card Prosper Card is designed to promote personal autonomy while making it simple to use. Customers are able to apply online and select the preferred payment time and the company states that it is the “best method to make payments punctually each day. 

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The Prosper Card members also have access to particular benefits that are designed to improve the financial wellbeing of customers. Personal finance classes are available and can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual and assist them in reaching their financial goals they’ve established in their own lives. This app My Prosper Card application can assist users in managing their spending manage their spending, monitor their transactions and stop fraudulent transactions.

The company was established in 2005 in Silicon Valley, Prosper strives to help people re-imagine their lives by providing affordable financial solutions using a easy-to-use platform.

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