New zero-emission hydrogen buses arrive in St Helens

THE first images of the interior of the new fleet of zero-emission hydrogen buses coming to St Helens have been released.

The CGI visuals give residents a glimpse of the interiors and features that passengers of the new vehicles will be able to experience when they go into service.

It is expected that the buses will initially serve the region’s busiest route – the 10A between St Helens and Liverpool city centre, operated jointly by operators Arriva and Stagecoach.

The interior of the bus will also be decorated with a skyline frieze featuring some of the region’s most iconic landmarks, including the Liver Building, Dream in St Helens and Anthony Gormley’s Another Place in Sefton.

Designed specifically for the urban region, the buses will feature larger, more comfortable seats with unique designs, just like on new Merseyrail trains.

Steve Rotheram, Mayor of Liverpool City Region, said: “I have bold ambitions for the future of our region’s bus network, and where better to start than bringing the fleet into the 21st century.

“We made a major investment and I think it really shows. They have a nice look.

“Our new zero-emission hydrogen buses will not only provide passengers with a clean, green and comfortable way to get around, but they will also act as pioneers in our city region’s journey to develop one of the healthiest public transport networks ever. from the country.”

The St Helens Star:

The vehicles will also pack a range of special features that passengers have said they want to see on board, including wireless and USB phone charging, internet access and reading lights above the seats.

Other new features of the hydrogen buses include exterior mirrors with cameras to improve safety, as well as audio and visual announcements for next stops with high-definition on-board screens to inform passengers of trip progress in real time.

Screens will also display connection information as vehicles approach train and bus stations, allowing passengers to switch between modes of transport.

The St Helens Star:

Mr Rotheram said: “Like our new trains, these buses have been designed and built for the needs of people in our region and will also be publicly owned.

“Reforming our bus network is a key part of my plan for an integrated London-style transport network that makes travel around our region fast, cheap and reliable and we have recently taken an important step in this direction by agreeing that franchising is our preferred model for managing bus services.

The St Helens Star:

The new fleet of 20 hydrogen buses will be purchased directly through Liverpool City Region’s Transforming Cities Fund and, like the new trains on the Merseyrail network, will be owned by people in the city region.

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