Man Plays Game Stop Employees By Stealing Goods After Trading Them: Mayfield Heights Police Blotter


Theft: Mayfield Road

Game Stop management reported a theft on January 8 that occurred in December. They said a customer redeemed items for a combination of over $600 in cash and store credit, but also left the store with the items.

They had given him time to return the items or the money, but he had not.

Officers unsuccessfully attempted to contact the 32-year-old Cleveland man and a warrant was later issued for his arrest.

Fraud: Bonnie Lane

A woman reported on Jan. 12 that her Micro Center credit card was fraudulently used to make a $61 purchase at the city’s location. She thought she closed her account before the purchase was verified.

Theft: Parkland Boulevard

A company employee reported on January 6 that someone stole her wallet from her purse when she left it unattended at reception. She became aware of the theft when she received alerts that Wallet credit cards were being used around town at Marc’s, Target and Walmart.

Surveillance video showed an unknown person entering the business and removing the wallet. He appears to be the same person seen on surveillance video using the credit card at Target.

Over $1,300 was charged to the three stores’ credit cards. The police are investigating.

Overdose: SOM Center Road

Officers and paramedics resuscitated a woman suffering from an overdose at Coppertree flats on January 8. Her boyfriend said she had just finished rehab and had a friend at the apartment, but he left as soon as 911 was called.

Theft by deception: SOM Center Road

A woman reported Jan. 9 that a former president of her sorority made unauthorized purchases for personal use with the sorority’s credit card over several months.

She said the Warrensville Heights woman, 47, made the purchases in multiple cities, totaling $5,371.

She had been instructed to file a report in Mayfield Heights, since the sorority’s account was open at a city bank. The incident was forwarded to the city attorney for additional counsel.

Burglary: SOM Center Road

A woman reported at 10.30am on January 10 that she had returned to her flat in Coppertree to find that someone had broken into it and stolen shoes, coats, bags and purses, a total value of $15,000.

She said the apartment was left unlocked because firefighters kicked down the door two days earlier for a smoke detector. At that time, firefighters found a jar of laundry soap unattended on the stove.

The deadbolt was fixed that day, but the woman said she wasn’t sure if it worked.

Domestic Violence: Sunset Road

A man and his girlfriend got into a fight at their home on January 11 after the woman took her boyfriend’s phone because she suspected he was cheating on her.

She locked herself in another roommate’s room and the man broke down the door.

They both showed signs of injury. A primary assailant could not be determined, so the man, 23, and woman, 24, were arrested for domestic violence. They also filed for protective orders against each other.

Harassment: Landerhaven Road

A patient in a doctor’s office said on January 7 that there was someone outside harassing and kicking her in the car. The car was not damaged and the suspect was not found.

Coarse sexual imposition: Maplewood Road

A woman reported on January 11 that her ex-boyfriend sexually assaulted her daughter five to seven years ago. The incident is under investigation.

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