Joe Burrow leads remaining NFL playoff quarterbacks in trading card market

As NFL teams move deeper into the playoffs, football card investors are considering which futures they want to invest their money in. Value depends on current prices and this player’s potential to go far.

As usual, the focus is on the quarterbacks. But it’s not a simple game.

Patrick Mahomes’ awards, for example, factored in a Super Bowl win last year. When he didn’t win, the market fell significantly. And while the Rams look good — +700 to win the Super Bowl — there has been very little investment in Matthew Stafford.

So, who is the market speculating on the most?

Even though his prices have risen significantly since his 525-yard game against the Las Vegas Raiders three weeks ago, Joe Burrow is the most investable QB at this point, according to market data.

You can see this on the relatively lower cards that trade more frequently. Burrow’s 2020 Rookie Orange Prizm (#309) could be had for $500 in a PSA 10 in late October. It’s now $850 for this card, which even sells raw for $300.

“I realize that’s a long shot (+1200), but if Burrow makes the Super Bowl, he’s going to shoot more,” said Rick Probstein, eBay’s biggest trading card seller. “If he wins the Super Bowl, he will reach Mahomes-like levels.”

“The bottom line is that Burrow is still affordable,” said Dave Amerman, auction manager for Goldin Co., which has sold the most expensive Burrow cards, including a card that sold for $96,000 earlier this month and the all-time record card, a 2020 Panini Contenders Super Bowl ticket card, which sold for $185,730 in May 2021.

Probstein confirms that the volume on Stafford is virtually non-existent. “It’s because I don’t think if the Rams win the Super Bowl people are going to give it credit. It’s going to be Aaron Donald or Von Miller or Cooper Kupp or Odell Beckham Jr.”

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are obviously already heavily invested, but the thinking among insiders is that they both need titles to add to their lore and price tag. We didn’t expect Brady to win another one last year and he had a bump.

Amerman and Probstein agree that Rodgers, whose Packers are now favorites to win the Super Bowl in most books, needs the Super Bowl.

“If he wins the Super Bowl, he has two titles and can come into the conversation as one of the greatest of all time,” Probstein said.

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