Intercity Transit examines the possibility of a zero-emission fleet


By Kristine Javier

At the Lacey City Council meeting on Thursday, November 4, council member Carolyn Cox explained that intercity transit is exploring the possibility of operating a zero-emission fleet.

Cox, who is also chairman of the intercity transport board, said staff recommend considering adding hydrogen fuel cell fleet bus. These vehicles convert hydrogen into electricity and emit only water vapor and hot air.

In addition to switching to using hydrogen fuel cells, Cox said they also plan to use electric cars to serve their staff.

The move was part of transit’s goal of achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050. In the coming months, the transportation company plans to release a budget to hire a consulting firm that would assess the system. current transit infrastructure, as well as providing a long-term plan to support more environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure.

Extended Zero-Fare Project

As an update, Cox also shared that intercity transport has approved an expansion of their Zero-Fare project. The president explained that they had decided to extend the program until they were able to meet 100% of the passenger rate before COVID-19.

Currently, bus services are still down 79% from the pre-pandemic rate. Cox said it could be some time before the transportation industry fully recovered. “We are still in the process of rebuilding the service,” Cox said.

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