Gordan Ramsay is roasting another home cook on TikTok


No, it wasn’t “Hell’s Kitchen”, but if you ask Matthew the question, it might have sounded like it was.

Earlier this week, TIC Tac User @matthewinthekitchen decided to give Gordon Ramsay’s famous scrambled eggs a try, showing off his cooking skills on the video-sharing service. The results did not go very well.

Ramsay took hits on Matthew, continually talking about him, mocking him for not following instructions and, at one point, calling him smart (xxx).

It seems Matthew got off on the wrong foot almost immediately by adding too much butter. According to Ramsay in the video, you add a “knob” of butter, and Matthew wasn’t sure how much of a “knob” of butter and used two tablespoons. Meanwhile, Ramsay said it was roughly a teaspoon.

Ramsay responded on TikTok with “There’s only one nob in this recipe and it’s not butter !!”

Gordon’s recipe, which he says has 65 million views on YouTube, includes instructions for waiting for the eggs to be on high heat to whip, and Matthew tells viewers to stir them constantly with a spatula … a advice Ramsay Gordon didn’t like. . “Don’t stir it too much, you’ll break them,” he warned. “Take your time.”

Matthew isn’t the only home cook Ramsay likes to castigate. If you look Youtube, there have been quite a few home cooks on TikTok taking Ramsay’s heat.

After that it seemed that Matthew wasn’t as nice at taking the eggs on and off the heat as he should have and he added too much sour cream, because Ramsay was frustrated. When Matthew spread the very “loose” eggs on toast, it was the last straw.

“Honestly, you are such a button,” Ramsay joked. Matthew apparently took it in the stride because he commented on Gordon’s “Don’t flog him too much, get it” reaction, with emoji writing in between.

A few days later, Matthew sent a message, “Dear Chief Ramsay, here is my official apology. Thanks for roasting me. It was the highlight of my week.

Do you think you could do better than Matthew? Watch the video below and find the recipe here and try it out!

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