Payday Loans in Abakan: A Dark Story

In the Republic of Khakassia, a loud legal case on fraud on a large scale has ended, thanks to which, we can now say that payday loans in Abakan have become safer.

During the police work, it turned out that a man, 49 years old, living in the capital of Khakassia, received the official status of an individual entrepreneur, opened several microlending companies and published several Internet sites. This payda loan in Abakan was advertised through ordinary media. Residents of Khakassia, and not only them, companies offered to get loans of up to 1 billion rubles with an interest rate of only 1-2%. In order to use such a service, no guarantors were needed, and the borrower’s credit history could have absolutely any score.


What you should not take payday loans in Abakan

The most important thing when you take a loan or a loan is to read the contract from cover to cover. In this case, in addition to such standard care, it was important to remain vigilant and not fly in the clouds. The fact is that when signing the contract, the client was obliged to pay 3000 rubles for the so-called consulting services and sign another document, according to which he undertakes not to disclose commercial secrets. In this additional agreement, the punishment was also spelled out; in case of violation of the rules, a fine of up to 100 million rubles. In addition, the borrower who, for whatever reason, refused to continue cooperation with the company after he signed all the documents, was punished with a fine of 50 million rubles.

What you should not take payday loans in Abakan

One fifth of the amount that the borrower requested and should receive, according to the contract, was transferred in favor of the lender, as payment for the financing service. As most clients could not pay such amount on time, they were forced to sign blank sheets with the title “receipt”, which later had to have information that the borrower received the full amount of the loan.

When borrowers began to realize that they would not receive the promised money, they began to appeal to the “lender” with complaints, but in response they received allegations that no one could prove his guilt, since receipts on receiving funds were attached to each contract necessary checks. After that, he secured his peace of mind by the fact that borrowers signed contracts in which they pledged not to disclose commercial secrets, and in case of violation they would be subject to a large fine. For most of the deceived citizens, these arguments acted impressively and they did not go to the police and remained in the red.

According to the press, more than 100 deceived citizens figure in this high-profile case.

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